I almost didn’t apply to college. My school counselor changed my mind. Here’s what he told me when the application process — and my family’s hardships — felt insurmountable.

My high school sent a counselor to visit me in college. I repaid the favor by running a marathon.

January 16, 2014

Whitehouse Speech

President Barack Obama closes his remarks on expanding college opportunity by highlighting the success of a WHEELS student.

december 31, 2020

Manhattan Times

Three WHEELS seniors discuss their “Hope For the Decade” and their work as climate activists.

august 27, 2018

Huffington Post​

“[WHEELS] is like a second home… ” Deena describes her experience as an undocumented young person.

Edutopia’s report on college readiness profiles Friends of WHEELS successful programs for first generation students.

december 31, 2020


WHEELS students are interviewed about climate change during NY1’s New Year’s Eve live broadcast from Times Square.

december 11, 2020

Virtual College March

During the COVID 19 pandemic WHEELS students keep an important tradition alive with our first ever virtual college march.

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